KYC Policy

All orders, are subject to a verification procedure. This means that to avoid usage of stolen credit cards, we may ask you to verify that you’re the owner of a credit card that you intended to pay with for FastHosting services.

After you sign up for FastHosting services, we may (but not necessarily will) ask you to verify your billing account information. Here’s how to go about it:

Options for credit card payments (you can choose one of the alternatives):

Send us a copy of an ID, issued by your Government, which clearly shows your name and picture. The file will be completely deleted after the verification process.

Pass a video interview with our customer support representative.

Please be certain your contact information is correct as orders with an invalid phone number will be canceled.

We regret that these measures are necessary, but they are designed to protect owners of credit cards, as well as, Vedova Consulting.

If a payment is considered high risk, Vedova Consulting may cancel the order at own discretion.